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The Golden Globes. A pretty damn good indication of who will be the cinematic stars of the season…also…who will be the fashion darlings of the season. Let us remember that INCREDIBLE Lupita-Ralph Lauren red cape and gown moment from 2014, the Globes were the spot we truly fell in love with Lupita and turned her into a superstar. As for this year I unfortunately haven’t yet seen anything quite as impactful as the Red Cape, but do not fear, we still have some quality fashion here.

I cannot in any way confirm this to be true, but the fashion seems to be a bit reserved, which may or may not have something to do with the recent terror attacks in France. Some stars were spotted carrying “Je suis Charlie” signs. For anyone who wonders why an international affairs student loves fashion… this is why. Fashion is self-expression, a right we are granted through our freedoms and our liberties. Fashion matters. Fashion is a proponent of international affairs, and a product of it’s spoils. Tonight the stars from around the Globe aligned because they have the right to speech, and the right to assemble.

Here are how some of the stars expressed their rights, for the good and the bad…

*Best Dressed*


Diane Kruger in Emilia Wickstead


Julianna Moore in custom Givenchy


Emma Stone in Lanvin


Amy Adams in Versace

Julia Goldani Telles in TBD










Best Accessory 

Naomi Watts  Bulgari Serpent Necklace

Naomi Watts
Bulgari Serpent Necklace

Best Couple

Amal in Haute Couture Dior

Amal in Haute Couture Dior George in his wedding tux custom Armani

The Hot Trends

All White Everything


And then there was I AM NOT QUITE WHITE


I Sparkle and Shine


We are SOOOO ready for Valentine’s Day


We gave the stylists the night off…

And now for my worst dressed. There is one very specific candidate I am leaving off the list because I need to do more research into whether this was a message or not. But the rest of these, ya, I hate them. Maybe I needed to see Ms. Washington in person to get it?


Lana del Rey in TBD


Lena Dunham in Zac Posen


Keira Knightley in Chanel


Katie Cassidy in TBD


Kerry Washington in Mary Katrantzou

I did not include all names and designers because there were so many and I wanted to get this out there. Make it into a fun game, and see if you can dress what they are in? Cheers!