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Am I in the twilight zone? E news ranked RiRi as WORST dressed

but yet had no problem with Kim? WHAT?!

The Grammys were a slew of amazing fashion, and in a very unique case, even the train wrecks were fashion-forward (of course it is the Grammys, there are always a few exceptions). So I am not going to go too far into the best and worst dressed, but I will offer the two most-talked about gowns…you guessed it, Kim K and Rihanna.

Am I in the twilight zone? E news ranked RiRi as WORST dressed but yet had no kim-kardashian-jean-paul-gaultier-gold-dress-grammys-2015-h724problem with Kim? WHAT?!

I get it. Kim is going super fashion. Check out her love magazine shoot if you need a prime example. And yes, the Gaultier was couture and looked really special, but it wasn’t for kim. She has an amazing body, she is a stunnnningly beautiful woman, but this was too much. It just wasn’t flattering on her frame. The shoulder pads made her look too broad and the embellishment seemed to draw the eye to awkward places. Again, it is an amazing piece, but in a rare case, the gown wore kim, kim did NOT wear the gown.

rihanna-pink-giambattista-valli-dress-grammys-2015-h724On the other hand we have Rihanna. RiRi was perfection. Grammy fashion at its best. It was completely over the top as Valli can be, but it was couture. You will never forget this over-sized cupcake that took up three seats all by itself. But nonetheless, epic  Grammy moment. The fact that she has been on worst dressed lists is baffling to me. While the couture wore Kim, RiRi wore Valli. A gown that size did not seem to overwhelm the super star. Rihanna delivered an unexpected, historical fashion moment.