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“You may have the universe if I may have Italy”
/Giuseppe Verdi

Just a fun update! I recently started a free travel site for people looking for advice about2048 planning a trip to Italy!

La Civetta. Italian Holiday Design


In case you weren’t aware I LOVE Italy. More than fashion, more than the study of the world, more than my DOGS!, I love italy. In order to really know me, you must know me in Italy. You must see me walking the streets with an espresso and a turkish silver. There is no love in this world like the love of Italy.

Because I am constantly learning and researching Italy I decided to offer up my knowledge to anyone looking for insight for an upcoming trip. If you or someone you Sunset-over-Lavender-fields-in-Tuscany-Wallpaperknow is looking for information on where to visit, what to eat, how to get off the beaten path, how to travel, anything!…please look to my new website to send questions, ask advice, or even find a guide! I will be doing quick updates and cultural notes everyday in a blog. A simple “did you know” piece with fun facts from food to art history to cinema. I will be purchasing a domain and then you will be able to find me on google in no time! Please check it out and spread the love to anyone wanting to share my passion for Italia! My mission in life is to get back to Italy and show the world a heart filled with la dolce vita.